Thursday, October 20, 2016

Recording: catl

Artist: catl

Song: Misunderstand*

Recorded at Christie Pits Park (Bloor Ossington Folk Festival – Day 1), September 17, 2016.

catl - Misunderstand

It was a bad news/good news sort of vibe down at Christie Pits. There was a sense of triumph that the festival — for the previous five years a well-curated, intimate event with an enjoyably-casual vibe — was happening at all, given that it was at the very precipice of the plug being pulled in the face of some expected grant money not coming through. The joy at the fact that the organizers found a way to go ahead with it was tempered by the sadness at the corresponding announcement that this would be the festival's final edition. On Saturday, the fact the event had been downsized — losing its main stage and moving everything under the beer garden tent — turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the day arrived with the (seemingly annual) dose of rain. The park was eerily quiet but it made everything feel extra dry and cozy as the bands played.

Like many of the bands involved with this final incarnation of the festival, catl were returnees who showed a definite fondness for the event. And just like their previous go-round at the festival, the duo once again was stocked up on new material in a set that moved from back porch "folky" tunes to get-wigglin' juke-joint jams, even if the seated late-afternoon beer garden crowd couldn't quite be convinced to hop up and dance.

[catl will be hosting their Second Annual Halloween Shindig (promising "glow in the dark fun") at The Dakota Tavern on Saturday, October 29th.]

* Thanks to the band for confirming the title!

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