Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Recording: Bobbypin

Artist: Bobbypin

Song: Consequence

Recorded at The Baby G, September 16, 2016.

Bobbypin - Consequence

An exciting night out — not only for the music but also to check out the first night for The Baby G, a new venture from Shaun Bowring and the crew behind The Garrison. True to its name, the new joint (also a re-purposed social club in Little Portugal) was indeed something of a mini-me to its older cousin up the street, scaled-down and mirror-flipped. (I was amused to note that the opening night vibe was similar right down to the old billiard table pushed off to one side.) Even though a smaller room, this has the same sensibility, offering clear views toward a raised stage. Opening night still had the smell of paint and sawdust in the air, so one could sense the room is a work in progress — but it's a pleasing spot right from the get go.

Christening the stage was Alana Marta DeVito, with her solo Bobbypin project developed during her recent time expatriated to Berlin. A former bandmate with headliner Laura Hermiston in their BB Guns days, I first encountered DeVito as a stone-cold guitar hero, but she was also someone you might see in the crowd at a Petra Glynt show. The promo bumf for this project plays up her time in TOPS after she decamped to Montréal — which at first was something I put down to courting name recognition but there is definitely a similar sophisticated pop sensibility at play. Getting used to her rig as a solo performer, there were a few tentative moments, but also a bunch of really tasty tunes. DeVito's Sketches From a Terrace EP is now out, and I have heard we can expect to see her back in town in a couple months.

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