Saturday, October 1, 2016

Recording: Several Futures

Artist: Several Futures

Song: A New Place To Dwell [excerpt]

Recorded at Array Space, September 13, 2016.

Several Futures - A New Place To Dwell [excerpt]

An audacious tangent from this post-punk trio, A New Place To Dwell sees the group performing semi-improvised music driven by reactions to film loops projected by Jonathan Culp. The images formed their own improvising trio, with three projectors rotating through various bits of 8mm detritus (home movies, nature films, travelogues, educational shorts) that often commented or reflected on each other in wry ways.

Musically, this could be seen as the direct descendant of Matt Nish-Lapidus and Jonny Dovercourt's previous work in Hybrid Moments as much as an extension of their current, more tuneful work. Coming just a few months after the release of their Before You Forget album, this show celebrated the digital release of their first collaboration with Culp. Possibly doomed to be seen as too "rock" for the improvised music crowd and too much like "improvised music" for the rock crowd, this might fall in the cracks between categories, but shows that the band isn't going to be satisfied by sticking to their setlist. Expect to see some more experimental forays from this crew — and probably some new songs, too, inspired by the riffs dredged up in moments of exploration like this.

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