Sunday, December 14, 2014

Recording: Sunset Pig

Artist: Sunset Pig

Song: Cocaine [JJ Cale cover]

Recorded at Comfort Zone ("DEATH TO T.O. IV: A Halloween Covers Show"), October 30, 2014.

Sunset Pig - Cocaine

Once again Dan Burke and Elliott Jones celebrated Hallowe'en by turning the Silver Dollar and Comfort Zone into a giant, non-stop musical frenzy, with nearly twenty bands doing mini cover sets. The bands — several of which were constructed just for the occasion — all took the task seriously, putting a lot of work not only into the music but also costumes and all the little things to enhance their tributes. The only downside of the night was that with so many bands on the bill, it was impossible to stage-manage a consistently efficient staggering between the stages, so that it didn't take long for bands upstairs and downstairs to be playing simultaneously, forcing the crowd to make hard decisions on who to see and who to miss. Otherwise, it was a fabulously fun rock'n'roll marathon of a night.

Nom de guerre notwithstanding, this was essentially a beefed up version of Andre Ethier's Cut Flowers, with The Highest Order's Paul Mortimer and B-17's Calvin Brown on guitars. One of the night's highlights, this set came off like bacon-fried goodness — I woulda been content to just let these jams simmer on at length.

[photo by Vincent]

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