Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Recording: ANAMAI

Artist: ANAMAI

Song: Crossing

Recorded at The Garrison's front room ("Swap, Don't Shop" for Girls Rock Camp), November 30, 2014.

ANAMAI - Crossing

Community service should always be this fun. Once again, kudos to The Garrison for hosting this seasonal fundraiser, with the back room taken over by a clothing swap while bands played to kids and adults alike in the front. And huge props to Girls Rock Camp, who have expanded from summer sessions to an after school program launching in the new year as well as a March Break camp.

"One minute out of every hundred thousand, something breaks or is tripped over." In an afternoon filled with, well, rock, Anna Mayberry — who shows off her kickass side with sludge-screamers HSY — demonstrated the power that can be drawn from clear and vivid words in her solo set.

[There's lots of ways to show your support for Girls Rock Camp — the compilation of bands from last summer's campers is now available, and it will be celebrated with an all-ages launch party at Smiling Buddha on February 7, 2015.]

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