Thursday, December 25, 2014

Recording: David Schotzko

Artist: David Schotzko

Song: Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra [composer: Alvin Lucier]

Recorded at Array Space, November 19, 2014.

David Schotzko - Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra

This is from a night of music presented by violist Pemi Paull alongside percussionist David Schotzko. When I saw the latter's solo moment in the programme would come with a piece for solo triangle, I will admit I snickered to myself a little — this is the sort of high-concept gimmick that sounds like a satire of avant-minimalism. Eleven minutes later, though, I had changed my tune. Conceived by Alvin Lucier (perhaps best known for his recursive tape-piece "I Am Sitting in a Room"), this takes one parameter — a metal rod clanging against a triangle — and forces the listener to zone in on the infinite variations in that sound. Close your eyes, and strange patterns and overtones emerge — sounds within the sounds within the sounds in a sort of aural cosmic zoom.

As for the duo work that made up the bulk of this show, Array has already posted some excellent-sounding videos that better anything I could have offered, so check this out to see Pemi Paull, who has a penchant for tackling challenging new repertoire for viola, in fine form.

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