Saturday, December 27, 2014

Recording: (de)Construction Quintet

Artist: (de)Construction Quintet

Songs: First Set, Second Piece [edit] + Second Set, Second Piece

Recorded at Musideum, November 24, 2014.

(de)Construction Quintet - First Set, Second Piece [edit]

(de)Construction Quintet - Second Set, Second Piece

This grouping (perhaps appropriately) deconstructed and reconstructed itself even before its first/only gig took place. Originally conceived as an opportunity for cellist cheryl o and percussionist Rick Sacks to improvise together, some last-minute reconfigurations were needed when schedule conflicts kept the latter away. And thus previously-scheduled quartet members Rob Clutton (bass) and Michelangelo Iaffaldano (prepared guitar and miscellaneous) were augmented by Hamilton's Steven Sauve (piano) and David Schotzko (who I had recently seen in a rather different context, on percussion).

While setting up, cheryl looked over the numbers and commented, as a sort of framing instruction, that the musicians shouldn't feel the need to always be playing all at once. As the set began, she took her own advice and held back, allowing space to develop. That would be the most tantalizing element here, and as the night progressed, the quintet found increasing room for the sounds to linger — the first set selection here is tasty enough as it builds up a bit of intensity; but the second, led by Sauve's prepared piano line, is just exquisite, hinting at the slow melodic interplay you might hear from, say, The Necks. This night wasn't the gig that was envisioned when it was being put togther, but it was surely a satisfying experiment.

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