Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Recording: No Angels Dancing

Artist: No Angels Dancing

Songs: [set 1 excerpt] + [set 2 excerpt]

Recorded at The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), November 2, 2014.

No Angels Dancing - [set 1 excerpt]

No Angels Dancing - [set 2 excerpt]

With drummer D. Alex Meeks taking the month off, No Angels Dancing had a slightly different sonic hue this time around. Ringleader Allison Cameron spent some time behind the kit ("I only know how to play rock'n'roll drums," she commented) while also turning to the piano and her mini-keyboard. Stephen Parkinson, meanwhile, added his usual crafty guitar scritch-scratches. That hashed out to, at least in the early going, a refusal to fall into familiar groove patterns, and the excerpt from the first set here has a bit of an uneasy tension that refuses to unknot itself. The second selection (complete with snatches of an overheard phone conversation from the back of the room) still wouldn't encourage any angels to dance but has a more welcoming sense of momentum to it. This remains an excellent way to spend the early part of a Sunday afternoon — your next chance will be on January 4th of the new year.

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