Monday, January 25, 2021

Monday Roundup #2

In the absence of concert listings, my regular Monday dispatches have fallen off. After bringing some life to the blog with the "bumping into" series, I figure I should get back in the groove. I'm guessing that this will be a bit like what used to get shoved into the end of the post when I was doing listings — some bandcamp suggestions, nods to a few livestreams, and sundry community notes (email me if you have anything that needs broadcast in the latter category!). Plus maybe a look back through the MFS archives.

Community notes:

  • I was glad to see Shaun Bowring (of The Garrison and The Baby G), who has been speaking up for local music venues since things shut down last March, getting some recognition in The Star.

Livestream nation:

  • The electroacoustic improvisation series Exit Points has moved seamlessly online, thanks to Michael Palumbo and co.'s technical skills. The series returns from a holiday hiatus with a show on Wednesday night — and as usual, community members can join in for the open jam after the curated sets (all the information you need is over here).
  • Soprano saxophonist Kayla Milmine and dancer Allison Elizabeth Burns are joining together for a joint improvised livestream on Saturday afternoon (January 30th), and viewers and invited to invited to submit prompts to inspire the direction of the performance.

Bandcamp corner:

  • Nur Michael (a.k.a. Michael Keith) has bundled some of his recent baritone ukulele improvisations into an EP that is suitable for meditations or winter walks.

It happened this week...

  • ... on January 28, 2014 in the Southern Cross.
Drumheller - Nguyen Ngoc Loan
  • ...on January 30, 2015 at Geary Lane (for their self-titled album's release celebration!)
Absolutely Free - Beneath The Air

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