Sunday, January 10, 2021

Bumping into... Kristel Jax (Brigitte Bardon't)

Bumping Into... is a series of mini-chats with a variety of peeps that you might run into in some of our local music communities. (There's a bit of an intro and my thoughts behind the series here.)

How are you? Where are you?

I'm sleepy. Currently in Parkdale with Lana Del Satan the mini pug, who misses everyone very much.

What have you been up to since March or so?

Since March I released an album entirely made with a Barbie keyboard and started a magazine with Tasman Richardson called Hum, about different drone sounds we find around the city. I've been doing livestreams for the Music Gallery through OBS which has been a huge adventure.

Have you found any new ways to do old things? How are you feeling about the shifts in how music is being made/shared/listened to?

I feel like I'm in the part of the shift where I don't know what things are shifting to. It's a little eerie.

Any works of art that have been a light for you in these times? Anything that's just been a good diversion?

I'm addicted to 90 Day Fiancé. Been bopping to a lot of Minimal Violence from Vancouver and trying to read Dune.

How are you feeling about 2021?

The Music Gallery actually put "2020" in one of my passwords and now it's just 2020 forever for me... good luck on the other side

Anything else we'd chat about if we bumped into each other?

A full rundown on Twin Peaks theories until you slowly backed away and remembered you had pressing matters with someone over there.

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