Sunday, January 10, 2021

Bumping into... Xuan

Bumping Into... is a series of mini-chats with a variety of peeps that you might run into in some of our local music communities. (There's a bit of an intro and my thoughts behind the series here.)

How are you? Where are you?

up and down within the four walls but doing as well as I can

What have you been up to since March or so?

same old million lil different things

Have you found any new ways to do old things? How are you feeling about the shifts in how music is being made/shared/listened to?

my body feels sincerely acutely sad/bad/rad/ that it can't vibe with live sounds in the same space any more no flow only scroll It (body) is now only friends with alien beeps and slurs >120BPM n decided not to make seriously-hardly-vibing music any more It (still the body) even gets tight when seeing the word JAM It longs for SHALLOW listening LOUD bass REPEATING patterns and GROOVING with mother who only knows Mao and does not know Cage unlike you who should know that Cage was pro Mao and using I-Ching to decide on which letter to use out of 26 letters is like ok I hear you have nothing better to do bc you are so privileged that you cannot live not liberally not without a book you've borrowed so I guess I've maybe found new ways to not do old things

Any works of art that have been a light for you in these times? Anything that's just been a good diversion?

so many art crushes in these times bc of so much smoke and scroll but also bc so many shits have happened in 2020. i have to say my truth telling close friend rant on social media has felt like a good diversion of emotional excesses because one needs a space for telling the truth but not feel unsafe.

How are you feeling about 2021?

all the fucked ups will not resolve in our lifetimes however we still have to subsist n persist

Anything else we'd chat about if we bumped into each other?

how you doing? may you survive a peaceful mind

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