Saturday, April 6, 2019

Recording: Moul D.

Artist: Moul D.

Songs: Anti Trust/Timing Problems/Body In Pain

Recorded at The Beguiling (Defend the 11 Fundraiser), February 2, 2019.

Moul D. - Anti Trust/Timing Problems/Body In Pain

Comic shop The Beguiling organized this #DefendThe11 fundraiser for "members of the independent comics community... served with a defamation lawsuit because of concerns they raised about a fellow creator's alleged pattern of sexual misconduct", bringing together members of the overlapping comics and music scenes. Adding some punk intensity to the night, this quartet has a second demo out since that last time I saw 'em – and is still managing to stuff in three-song bursts in the same amount of time less frenzied bands would manage one.

[Moul D. will be playing at the Hugh Man anniversary party alongside Hobby, Tort and WLMRT on Saturday, April 20th.]

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