Friday, April 26, 2019

Recording: Badge Époque

Artist: Badge Époque

Song: Badge Theme*

Recorded at Jam Factory (Feast In The East 72), February 28, 2019.

Badge Époque - Badge Theme

The new-ish post-Slim Twig ensemble from Max Turnbull has quietly been building steam for a little while now (though there's still only one track online to hint at the project's sound), with Turnbull (on keyb) joined by Jay Anderson (drums), Chris Bezant (guit), Alia O'Brien (flute), Giosuè Rosati (bass), and Ed Squires (percussion). Pushing deeper into the Gainsbourg lounge-funk essayed in the Twig band's late era and adding some library music deep crate dives, this group is less "rock", and feels more suited for some sort of elegant nightclub where they could perform for a seated, cocktail-swirling crowd.

[Badge Époque will be headlining a stacked lineup at The Garrison on Saturday, May 11th, along with fellow travellers Isla Craig, Ice Cream, and Carl Didur.]

* Thanks to a source for passing along the title to this one!

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