Sunday, April 28, 2019

Recording: Hooded Fang

Artist: Hooded Fang

Song: Sister and Suns

Recorded at The Baby G (MFS 10th Anniversary Celebration / A Night of Rock Music!), March 2, 2019.

Hooded Fang - Sister and Suns

Although I don't get out to as many rawk shows as I used to, the 10th anniversary of this blog felt like enough of an occasion to warrant a special Saturday night kind of celebration. With a limited preview run of a new best-of compilation tape on the merch table quickly selling out (side note: second batch coming soon!) and a mini-remount of my MFS listening station, it felt a bit like a party, but what really made it was seeing so many familiar faces out for the hang.

There was no band that I wanted at this show more than Hooded Fang, largely because my tenure as a fan overlaps pretty much exactly with this blog's life. The first time I ever saw the band was at the second show I ever wrote about here, before I was even recording gigs, so I've seen the group evolve through different lineups and sonic approaches. This show even gave me a chance to properly document another wrinkle – with bassist/lyricist April Aliermo out doing fieldwork on her sonic art projects, Charise Aragoza (of Mother Tongues as well as her own projects) stepped in on bass, holding down the grooves as the band rocked some Dynasty House music as well as some older faves.

[Hooded Fang will be playing the Monarch Tavern on Thursday, May 9th along with Luge, Body Lens, and Nikki Fierce.]

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