Friday, April 12, 2019

Recording: Mortimer.

Artist: Mortimer

Song: Close Quarters

Recorded at Workman Arts – Roseneath Theatre (Long Winter 7.4), February 9, 2019.

Mortimer. - Close Quarters

With its multiple floors, cavernous halls, creaky stairwells and peeling-paint grandeur, Workman Arts might be the closest thing Long Winter has found to its old home at the pre-restoration Great Hall. Mortimer. (period included), a performance art project from James Knott, fit right into the surroundings, getting things started with some electro-pop cabaret moves, leading off with some Brill Building sounds at the piano (and clock radio!) before moving centre stage to cast some dramatic shadows – and to sashay towards a theremin to create some full-body zworp-bursts. Costume changes would soon follow. The project's name can be tough to find if you're just digging through google, so I suggest looking here.

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