Thursday, December 27, 2018

Recording: Thin Edge New Music Collective

Artist: Thin Edge New Music Collective

Piece: Shimmer, Tree (In Memoriam Jonathan Harvey): II. I count the fleeing hours [composer: Kotoka Suzuki]

Recorded at the Canadian Music Centre (Riparian Acoustics/CMC Presents), November 8, 2018.

Thin Edge New Music Collective - Shimmer, Tree [2nd mvt]

Following on the triumph of their live soundtracking of Sarah Hennies' experimental documentary Contralto, Thin Edge headed to the Canadian Music Centre for this more modest night of intimate compositions. Consisting of solo pieces, duos and one trio (Barbara Monk Feldman's defiantly un-urgent drift of "The Northern Shore") these were mostly small-scale but deep sonic explorations from pianist Cheryl Duvall, percussionist Nathan Petitpas and violinist Aysel Taghi-Zada. As is usually the case with the works that Thin Edge chooses to explore, there were some uncanny frissons in the pieces here, whether the flowerpot clonks of Chiyoko Szlavnics' "Her Teeth Were White" or the broken furniture music of Samuel Andreyev's "Piano Pieces".

As of this posting, you can still watch the archive of the livestream here (note that the Barbara Monk Feldman piece, embedded below, is in a separate video!):

[The Riparian Acoustics/CMC Presents series continues on Thursday, January 17th with a night of vocalisations from Alex Samaras (along with Lara Dodds-Eden and Bram Gielen). There's also an excellent-looking night coming on February 22nd with Lindsay Dobbin and Kat Estacio.]

Image screencapped from CMC livestream.

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