Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Recording: Alex Fournier & Tara Kannangara

Artist: Alex Fournier & Tara Kannangara

Song: Improvisation #2 + Wild Heart [Stevie Nicks]

Recorded at Wenona Lodge (Track Could Bend #44), November 6, 2018.

Alex Fournier & Tara Kannangara - Improvisation #2 + Wild Heart

Rising jazz star Tara Kannangara had been on my list of people I was hoping to get out to play at TCB for a little while, so I was pleased to be informed after booking Alex Fournier for a set that he was bringing her along. The pair, who have worked together in a few different projects, had a tasty sense of interaction as they tackled improvisations and songs (including some Sondheim). Mixing trumpet and voice with Fournier's double bass, Kannangara left plenty of uncluttered space in the music, sending out some "positive basement" vibes.

[Alex Fournier will be back in Wenona's basement tomorrow night (Thursday, December 27th) alongside Mo Mitchell and Tak Arikushi in a Furniture Music show (before that series shifts to its new home on the 4th Tuesday of the month). Tara Kannangara will be performing at Burdock's Piano Fest on Sunday, January 27th. And meanwhile, the first Tuesday of January is New Year's Day, so TCB is making a rare shift to the second week and joining forces with Andrew Furlong's JAOIM series. We'll be co-presenting Lina Allemano's Titanium Riot plus McEachern/West/Zurawinski on January 8th. Not to be missed!]

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