Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Recording: Hangin' Tuff

Artist: Hangin' Tuff

Song: [full set]*

Recorded at Owl's Club (Two Floor Fundraiser), January 26, 2018.

Hangin' Tuff - [full set]

The Raw Materials crew have been using the cozy Owl's Club on Dovercourt as a hub for a little while now (even passing along some info for others on how to put on their own shows there), so when they found out the building was facing some impending bills for roof repairs, they pitched in to put together this rager to both literally and figuratively raise the roof. A return to action from this loudfast junkcore crew didn't give 'em any reason to slow down — as with the last time I saw 'em, their blink-and miss-it set was quick enough that I might as well just pass along the whole thing here.

* Does anyone feel like separating out the individual titles in this? Please leave a comment if you know 'em!

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