Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Recording: Joseph Shabason

Artist: Joseph Shabason

Song: Long Swim

Recorded at The Baby G, January 19, 2018.

Joseph Shabason - Long Swim

Joseph Shabason, who'd also show up later this night in Andre Ethier's headlining set, opened the evening with a few of the deliciously-textured tunes from his Aytche album. There was a more streamlined band this time out with just Phil Melanson (drums), Thom Gill (synth) and Bram Gielen (bass) on hand — and this opening piece actually sees Shabason in near-solo mode, with just a few accents from Melanson emerging on stage near its end.

[Promising a "6 piece band and a bunch of new chunes", Joseph Shabason plays the Wavelength Winter Festival at The Garrison on Sunday February 18th, alongside Buke and Gase, Omhouse, Fusilier and You'll Never Get to Heaven.]

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