Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Recording: Group Hug

Artist: Group Hug

Song: V*

Recorded at Owl's Club (Two Floor Fundraiser), January 26, 2018.

Group Hug - V

The Raw Materials crew have been using the cozy Owl's Club on Dovercourt as a hub for a little while now (even passing along some info for others on how to put on their own shows there), so when they found out the building was facing some impending bills for roof repairs, they pitched in to put together this rager to both literally and figuratively raise the roof. Getting things started in the basement, this group — a half-dozen strong — paired a well-integrated whitenoise crunch with an ace vocalist. With shades of the much-missed Magic Cheezies (through stretching things out more), this was the most impressed I've been with an introduction to a rockband in a hot minute.

* The six songs on the group's demo are identified only by corresponding roman numerals, though one suspects they may also have unlisted "proper" titles.

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