Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Recording: Kyle Brenders Big Band

Artist: Kyle Brenders Big Band

Songs: Prudent + Rivers of Gold [Bry Webb cover]

Recorded at The Tranzac's Southern Cross Lounge (416 Toronto Creative Improvisers Festival – Night 4), November 5, 2016.

Kyle Brenders Big Band - Prudent

Kyle Brenders Big Band - Rivers of Gold

This set closing out this year's edition of the 416 Festival also turned out to be a bit a chapter-closer for ensemble leader Kyle Brenders as well. On the eve of move out west to take up the position of Program Manager for Performing Arts at the Banff Centre, Brenders pulled together material from a few of his diverse projects to explore with this all-star big band.1 From ambulatory drift to sections of Brenders-esque lockgroove repetition there were a lot of tasty moments here. The meditative flow of Bry Webb's "Rivers of Gold" was previously essayed by the Massey Hall Band under Brenders' leadership and features his sax playing the main melodic line, with some lovely work on the vibes from Davison as well. I'm sure Brenders won't be a stranger to the city, but the questing curiosity of his projects will be missed.

1 So far as I could make out, the ensemble on this night consisted of the following:

  • Kyle Brenders, tenor sax
  • Jeff LaRochelle, tenor sax
  • Karen Ng, alto sax
  • Peter Lutek, baritone sax + bass clarinet
  • Heather Saumer, trombone
  • Tom Richards, trombone
  • Emily Denison, trumpet
  • Rebecca Hennessy, trumpet
  • Tara Kannangara, trumpet
  • Scott Peterson, double bass
  • Brandon Valdivia, percussion
  • Michael Davidson, vibraphone

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