Thursday, December 1, 2016

Recording: HSY

Artist: HSY

Songs: Easy + More Over*

Recorded at Monarch Tavern, October 31, 2016.

HSY - Easy

HSY - More Over

It'd been a little while since I checked in with local sludge faves HSY, so it was interesting to see their development on a couple different axes. Sonically, Kris Bowering (ex-Crosss) is now in the fold, adding distorted synthwaves underneath the band's roiling noise. That leaves more room for Anna Mayberry to set down her guitar and drift among the crowd – an extension of the sort of movement work she's been doing with Open Fortress. The slo-mo kinesthetic vocabulary she's deploying here creates all sorts of interesting tensions with the sounds coming from the stage and lends as much grist for seeing the band from a different angle as the new synth parts. The upshot is that there were several times where I wasn't sure if I was hearing a new song or a mutation of an older familiar one — a rather pleasant sort of disorientation.

[HSY are playing next Wednesday (December 7th) at the 'Shoe alongside Frigs, Scattered Clouds and Prom Nite.]

* Thanks to the band for passing along the titles to these!

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