Thursday, May 28, 2015

Recording: Your 33 Black Angels

Artist: Your 33 Black Angels

Song: Run To The Night

Recorded at Handlebar, May 22, 2015.

Your 33 Black Angels - Run To The Night

Although they get lumped into the psych-garage scene (especially here in T.O., where their local running buddies are the stalwarts of the Optical Sounds crew), NYC's Your 33 Black Angels don't stay in one place musically for too long, constantly turning over their sound and repertoire. So, though I hadn't checked out their new Glamour (with proper Canadian spelling, no less) I knew enough not to expect a re-hash of their past work. One thing that is a constant is a fearless willingness to dabble in "uncool" sounds — this is a band who had a keytar player on recent trips — and there was no exception here with the new material sounding like it had no small amount of "Low Rider" in its DNA. But the goal is never kitsch or imitation so much as finding ways to serve the songs — and, in this case, imbue them with a bit of dance-party boogaloo hoodoo.

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