Monday, May 18, 2015

Concert Listings Roundup #97

You can read more about why I'm doing listings here. Long story short: This curated and decidedly non-comprehensive list contains nothin' but shows that I am going to/would go to if I had more time.

Gig of the week:

Blonde Elvis [On Vanity release party!] (Twist / B-17 / Your 33 Black Angels) / Handlebar 2015-05-22 (Friday) [FB event]

An exciting night to anyone who's been following the evolution of Jesse James Laderoute's glam-pop project, with songs (and the band's lineup) being slowly refined for quite some time now. The whole night is, in fact, a celebration of fine popcraft, which shouldn't be overlooked just because there's some bands here (like B-17) that can rock the fuck out. Bonus: a too-rare appearance by NYC's Your 33 Black Angels, who have both aforementioned qualities of popcraft and rock-the-fuck-out in abundance.

This week's noteworthy shows:

Joshua Abrams' Natural Information Society / Array Space 2015-05-18 (Monday) [FB event]

Love Scene (GREX) / Burdock Music Hall 2015-05-18 (Monday) [FB event]

Buck Gooter (Connoisseurs Of Porn / Wolfcow) / 8-Eleven 2015-05-18 (Monday) [FB event]

Somewhere There presents (feat. Satoko Fujii and KAZE / Newman/Segger) / Array Space 2015-05-19 (Tuesday) [FB event]

Chain & The Gang (Crosss / Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs) / The Garrison 2015-05-19 (Tuesday) [FB event]

Piano Party 3 (feat. Matt Smith / secret guest "JJ Towers") / The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2015-05-20 (Wednesday – early!) [FB event]

The Gooch Palms (Death Valley Girls / Tonkapuma / Body Butter) / Smiling Buddha 2015-05-20 (Wednesday) [FB event]

Audiopollination #30.2 (feat. Natsuki Tamura/Peter Orins/Chris Adriaanse/Steve Ward / Christine Pruvost/Satoko Fujii/Cheryl O/Tiina Kiik / Christine Pruvost/Peter Orins/Andy Yue/Rob Piilonen / Satoko Fujii/Natsuki Tamura/Michael Lynn/Jay Hay) / Array Space 2015-05-20 (Wednesday) [FB event]

PPOP Presents (feat. Atsuko Chiba / Other Families / Lice / Sex Club) / Johnny Jackson 2015-05-21 (Thursday) [FB event]

21C Music Festival: Illusions (feat. Gryphon Trio / Ensemble contemporain de Montréal) ["an epic multimedia work... comprised of three new pieces by Canadian composers Nicole Lizée, Gabriel Dharmoo, and Simon Martin, interspersed with one of the great 20th century trios by Charles Ives"] / Koerner Hall 2015-05-22 (Friday) [more info]

Mercury Social Club Kick Off Show (feat. HSY / STÜKA / Nice Head) / Mercury Social Club 2015-05-22 (Friday) [FB event]

21C Music Festival: Cinq à Sept (feat. The Visit) / Conservatory Theatre 2015-05-23 (Saturday – early! 5 p.m.) [more info]

21C Music Festival: Spin Cycle (feat. Afiara Quartet / Skratch Bastid) [four new quartets, remixes and responses] / Mazzoleni Concert Hall 2015-05-23 (Saturday) [more info]

Toy Piano Composers and TorQ Percussion Quartet: Impulse / Array Space 2015-05-23 + 2015-05-24 (Saturday [night] + Sunday [afternoon]) [FB event]

Katenen "Cheka" Dioubate [Bimogo album launch!] / Alliance Française de Toronto 2015-05-23 (Saturday) [FB event]

Wavelength 662 (feat. Most People [Violet Spaces EP Release] / Petra Glynt / Hush Pup) / Clay & Paper Theatre 2015-05-23 (Saturday) [FB event]

Michael Rault [record release!] (Marvelous Mark & Bad Zeppelin / Beds) / The Silver Dollar Room 2015-05-23 (Saturday) [FB event]

Deciduous [live performance with stop motion animations of drawings by Janet Macpherson] / Gerard Art Space 2015-06-24 (Sunday – afternoon show!) [FB event]

Audiopollination #30.3 (feat. Sarah Peebles/Andrew Timar/Glen Hall/Jason Doell / Sarah Peebles/Glen Hall/Aki Takahashi / Glen Hall/Jason Doell/Aki Takahashi/Sarah Peebles/Andrew Timar) / Array Space 2015-05-24 (Sunday) [FB event]

Bernice (Familiar Wild / Ben Hermann) / Holy Oak Café 2015-05-24 (Sunday) [FB event]

Add these to your calendar:

Reminder: This post only contains this week's updates — the full listings can always be found over on the right-hand sidebar!

LOOM (Princess Century / Memorex) / Burdock Music Hall 2015-05-27 (Wednesday) [FB event]

Neil Michael Hagerty (Drainolith / Bile Sister / Humanity's Flanks) / Double Double Land 2015-05-31 (Sunday) [FB event]

Ryan Carley (Merganzer [feat. Mika Posen]) / Holy Oak Café 2015-06-01 (Monday) [FB event]

East-meets-West [Shahriyar Jamshidi & Raphael Weinroth-Browne] / Musideum 2015-06-05 (Friday) [FB event]

The Good Family / The Dakota Tavern 2015-06-06 (Saturday – early!) [nore info]

Sound Séance I Warm Up Show (feat. Obody [ex-Weird Weeds] / Within [members of Fresh Snow/Iderdown]) / The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2015-06-07 (Sunday – early!) [FB event]

Nonoko Yoshida (Future Machines / Germaine Liu) / Burdock Music Hall 2015-06-16 (Tuesday) [FB event]

Lower Dens (Moon King / Jacco Gardner / For Esmé / Girlfriends and Boyfriends / Blonde Elvis) / The Horseshoe Tavern 2015-06-17 (Wednesday) [FB event]

M for 159 Manning 2015 (feat. Serf Kanata / chastity / beauts / Pat Jordache / Dead Obies / Sasha Chapin / Birds of Paradise / Marvelous Mark + Bad Zeppelin / Jr. Mintz / Vallens / Heaters / Clairmont The Second / BART / The Muscadettes / Fat As Fuck) / 159 Manning 2015-06-19 (Friday) [FB event]

Nite Comfort 23 (feat. Northumbria / F A V X) / Handlebar 2015-07-05 (Sunday) [FB event]

Ringo Deathstarr / The Cave 2015-07-23 (Thursday) [more info]

Nite Comfort 24 (feat. Para Palabras / Zachary Gray) / Handlebar 2015-08-02 (Sunday) [FB event]

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