Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Recording: Dylan Green

Artist: Dylan Green

Song: [first section]

Recorded at Milk Glass ("Casual Drones 11"), May 21, 2015.

Dylan Green - [excerpt]

Although this was the eleventh instalment of this series curated by Lowell Sostomi (formerly of Great Bloomers), circumstance had hitherto kept me from checking it out. Intended as "a non-precious environment" at the fairly tiny Milk Glass, the series is both a space for musicians (mostly from the local indie rock scene) to experiment and for audiences to take in those experiments in a relaxed atmosphere — "casual" in all directions, then, and relatively catholic in its interpretation of that genre, open as it is to a wise range of drone-y, ambient and even noisy forms. The series also includes visuals, which on this night included some dodecagonal hangings and projections from Romar L. Johnson.

I didn't immediately recognize Green, who used a guitar, loop pedal, mixer and ipad keyboard app to generate some classic Eno-esque ambiance, shimmering soundsheets fluttering as they receded into the distance. It was only after the fact that I put it together that Green is one-half of Oswego, whose self-titled album (available on a name-your-price basis on Bandcamp) was something I had dug last year.

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