Friday, May 1, 2015

Recording: CCMC

Artist: CCMC

Song: [second piece]

Recorded at Array Space ("Audiopollination #29​.​3"), April 19, 2015.

CCMC - [second piece]

Although there have been some trios and other fragmentations, this was the first four-piece CCMC gig for nearly a year, though these longstanding collaborators fell right into their particularly unique shared space as if no time had passed. Snow had a chance here to play on Audiopollination's grand piano, while in this bit, you can hear Dutton working through various sound-squawks and mutters to arrive at a final statement that might serve as the group's statement of purpose: "Just keep going until you run out of steam."

[As always, you can listen a recording of this whole show over at the Audiopollination bandcamp. The next Audiopollination is Tuesday, May 12th at Array and features KGB (Karen Ng, Germaine Liu and Bea Labikova) together and in various recombinations.]

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