Friday, March 20, 2015

Recording: Several Futures

Artist: Several Futures

Song: Before You Forget*

Recorded at The Great Hall's Conversation Room ("Long Winter: Year 3, Volume 5"), March 13, 2015.

Several Futures - Before You Forget

This post-punk trio is pushing past the songs on their debut tape, with co-vocalists Jonny Dovercourt and Matt Nish-Lapidus working off each other in some more elaborate ways. This older crew (dare one say "grizzled veterans"?) also managed to hold the attention of the young crowd of the room, even in the spaces before the kinetic collisions where their songs simmer with patient potential energy.

[Several Futures will be playing alongside Champion Lover, The Two Koreas and Kurt Marble at The Magpie Taproom on Friday April 17th.]

* Thanks to Jonny for passing along the title to this one.


  1. Joe, thanks for posting the song and your notes! You know we know the title to this one... It's called "Before You Forget."