Sunday, March 8, 2015

Recording: Ken Park

Artist: Ken Park

Song: Taiga

Recorded at Smiling Buddha, February 26, 2015.

Ken Park - Taiga

The release show for Mimico's excellent new Incantations album saw support from three acts with close connections to the headliners. Once upon a time (that seems so far away now) Scott Harwood played guitar in Ostrich Tuning alongside Mimico's Jeremiah Knight; now he's at the end of the album cycle for this techno-inspired project. Promising/threatening that this would be the last time playing the tunes from You Think About It Too Much before retreating to produce its follow-up, Harwood packed the dancefloor with late-night revellers eager to groove to these tunes one more time. There are indications that Harwood wants to push even further into deep trance/pure dance territory, so we'll see if he can find a way again to fuse that to his strong songwriting sensibilities.

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