Thursday, March 26, 2015

Recording: Cole/Fisher/Valdivia

Artist: Josh Cole/Colin Fisher/Brandon Valdivia

Song: [set 1, first piece, in three parts]

Recorded at The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), March 18, 2015.

Cole/Fisher/Valdivia - [set 1, first piece, part I]

Cole/Fisher/Valdivia - [set 1, first piece, part II]

Cole/Fisher/Valdivia - [set 1, first piece, part III]

Although it seems like an obvious combination of talents — and they certainly have come partially together in other contexts — this was actually the first time that these three musicians had played together as a trio. As heard here at the outset, Josh Cole's double bass acted as a bit of a grounding beacon for Not The Wind, Not The Flag's high-flying sorties, rendering their work as something closer to straight-ahead jazz then you would normally hear from them. Further exploration took things further afield, however, especially in the second set which saw Colin Fisher switching over to guitar. A pretty remarkable outing — tough to believe this was a first-time thing, unthinkable to consider it could be the last.