Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Recording: Kurt Marble

Artist: Kurt Marble

Songs: Replacement + So Long*

Recorded at Handlebar, March 14, 2015.

Kurt Marble - Replacement

Kurt Marble - So Long

The six songs on the new tape being celebrated at this release show occupy a very tasty slice of '90's alt-rock nostalgia — but live, the band opened things up into big-league guitar anthems. Thanks there go to Most People's Paul McEachern, who got to tear and shred in a way that Most People's template doesn't usually allow. Add to that the eponymous frontman's shaggy charm and million-watt smile and this was a superior Rock Excursion.

[Kurt Marble will be playing alongside Champion Lover, The Two Koreas and Several Futures at The Magpie Taproom on Friday April 17th.]

* Thanks to Kurt for passing along the title to this one.

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