Friday, November 14, 2014

Recording: Simply Saucer

Artist: Simply Saucer

Songs: Mole Machine + Baby Nova

Recorded at Smiling Buddha, September 21, 2014.

Simply Saucer - Mole Machine

Simply Saucer - Baby Nova

Hamilton's Simply Saucer have been lauded for some of the weirder elements of their proto-punk sound — a sonic vein that's still explored in their current incarnation with an on-stage skull theremin. But it shouldn't be forgotten that the primordial garage that they emerged from had plenty of soulful/blues-y influences as well, and when these sounds creep into their latter-day material it's as much a part of their musical DNA as sci-fi weirdness. In fact, their new stuff (such as their recently-issued Baby Nova EP) sounds like it would fit in alongside a newer generation of garage rockers, such as Ty Segall, who covered "Bullet Proof Nothing" a few years back. So it all made sense to have Saucer on hand at the after-party for Segall's latest local show, with the band — in fine form — blasting out a set before Segall took a turn as DJ. This current lineup (including Colina Phillips, who has an amazing career as a session vocalist) played material old and new with vigour, so here's a sample of each, including the new EP's title cut.

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