Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Recording: Eric Chenaux

Artist: Eric Chenaux

Song: My Romance [composers: Rodgers/Hart]

Recorded at The Great Hall, September 25, 2014.

Eric Chenaux - My Romance

Full review to follow. Eric Chenaux previously essayed this Rodgers and Hart-penned (and Doris Day sung) standard back on the Reveries' Blasé Kisses album more than a decade ago, and chose to revisit it to close out this set. Chenaux's characteristic guitar style, mixing together drones and widdly-wah noodles, isn't for everyone, but I'm always eager to catch him when the now-Paris-based artist makes one of his occasional forays back to T.O. A long-time collaborator with Jen Castle, it was no surprise to see him get the nod to open her album release show — but an eminently pleasant surprise to see most in the crowd were getting into it. As the set went on, an increasing number moved up front and even sat down on the floor to take this in.

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