Saturday, July 27, 2013

Recording: Weaves

Artist: Weaves

Song: Crumble*

Recorded at Daniels Spectrum ("Wavelength 570: The Regent Park Courtyard Session"), July 26, 2013.

Weaves - Crumble

Full review to follow. Wavelength is at its best when it takes its shows to new places and broadens the audience's musical perceptions. Both of those were in play at this outdoor show in the beautiful new courtyard behind Regent Park's Daniels Spectrum. That made it a good night for the "Wavelength crowd" to head to a spot that's off the regular show-going grid and for the locals to wander through and find some music in their backyard. Hopefully there'll be more chances to return to this vital new cultural hub.

Jasmyn Burke and co. are settling into their artfully-bent grooves — like an elastic band, they can go from stretched out to wobbly right in before your eyes, rocking a groove at either extreme. The warbling noises at the start of this one come from Burke "playing" her microphone like an instrument, generating feedback warbles by fluttering it in front of the PA as she paced around the front of the crowd.

* Thanks to a commenter for passing the title to this one along.