Friday, July 5, 2013

Recording: Pete Carmichael and Co.

Artist: Pete Carmichael and Co.

Song: Dead Flowers [Rolling Stones cover]

Recorded at The Great Hall ("A Night of Covers: A Celebration of Chris Levoir"), July 4, 2013.

Pete Carmichael and Co. - Dead Flowers

Full review to follow. A celebration and a wake. After the untimely passing of singer/guitarist Chris Levoir, his bandmates in The Mark Inside rightly decided that the proper way to launch their new album Dark Hearts Can Radiate White Light was with a big party, with covers played by friends and collaborators, and a lot of these songs came with stories of how they linked back to Chris. Reminiscent of rehearsal space jams, these were loose and occasionally imperfect, but infused with the spirit of friends playing together. In the end, the night was sad, fun and cathartic.

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