Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunday Playlist #38

Sunday Playlist [Monday Edition] #38: Wavelength THIRTEEN Live Preview

Well folks, it's the best week of the year! Continuing their mandate to nurture the best bands in our city and beyond, it's time once again for the music festival so good that there was a long weekend created just to contain it. Once you've gotten all the details on the festival, read interviews and met the bands on the WL tumblr and listened to the offical mixtape, you might be asking yourself: "so what do these bands sound like live?" Well, here's a partial answer.

In-store All-Stars

All in-stores are FREE and ALL-AGES

Absolutely Free - Clothed Woman Sitting

Playing @ Sonic Boom, Wednesday, April 13.

Dusted - Long It Lasts

Playing @ Sonic Boom, Wednesday, April 13.

Andre Ethier - Soldier On

Playing @ Soundscapes, Saturday, April 16.

Laura Barrett - The Humble Fawn

Playing @ Soundscapes, Saturday, April 16.

The Soupcans - The Simulant

Playing @ Grasshopper Records, Sunday, April 17.

Thurs Feb. 14 @ The Shop under Parts & Labour

Lullabye Arkestra - We Fuck the Night

Ell V Gore - Scandals/Her Vicious

Fresh Snow - BMX Based Tactics

This Mess - No Sleep

Fri Feb. 15 @ Black Box Theatre/The Great Hall Downstairs

Doldrums - Anomaly

Blonde Elvis - unknown


Sat Feb. 16 @ The Great Hall

Do Make Say Think - End of Music

Evening Hymns - Asleep In The Pews

Doom Squad - Born from the Marriage of the Moon and a Crocodile + Eternal Return

Sunday Feb. 17 @ The Garrison

The Magic - No Sound

Castle If & Cell Memory - unknown

Legato Vipers - two unknown songs

Sunday Playlist is a semi-regular feature that brings back some of this blog's previously-posted original live recordings for an encore. You can always click the tags below to see what I originally wrote about the shows these songs came from.

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