Sunday, February 24, 2013

Recording: CCMC

Artist: CCMC

Song: [Somewhere There Fest – improvization #2]

Recorded at The Tranzac – Main Hall ("Somewhere There Music Festival"), February 23, 2013.

CCMC - [Somewhere There Fest – improvization #2]

Full review to follow. Somewhere There is no longer a place. The cozy sanctuary for all sorts of creative music recently shut its doors due to "noise complaints and other unpleasantness". Fortunately, this already-planned festival has been relocated to The Tranzac, making it less a celebration of a venue than its animating spirit. But it's still an opportunity to gather together a wide variety of musicians who have developed their music there, reflect on the past, and wonder about what's next.

Free improvising since the '70's, CCMC are not so much a link to the past but a vivid spirit here and now — a best case scenario for a still-flourishing long-term experiment.

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