Monday, February 25, 2013

Recording: Lina Allemano Four

Artist: Lina Allemano Four

Song: Spin

Recorded at The Tranzac – Main Hall ("Somewhere There Festival"), February 24, 2013.

Lina Allemano Four - Spin

Full review to follow. Somewhere There is no longer a place. The cozy sanctuary for all sorts of creative music recently shut its doors due to "noise complaints and other unpleasantness". Fortunately, this already-planned festival was relocated to The Tranzac, making it less a celebration of a venue than its animating spirit. But it's still an opportunity to gather together a wide variety of musicians who have developed their music there, reflect on the past, and wonder about what's next.

Playing just one room over from where the group recorded their fab new Live at the Tranzac album, the quartet closed out the festival with some warm and emotionally-resonant jazz from a collection of some of the city's best players, Allemano's trumpet is supported by MFS fave Brodie West on sax plus Andrew Downing and Nick Fraser keeping up the rhythms. There was some fine bow work on Downing's double bass in this one.

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