Saturday, February 9, 2013

Recording: Kids on TV

Artist: Kids on TV

Song: Liberace's Lover

Recorded at The Great Hall ("Long Winter, Vol. 4"), February 8, 2013.

Kids on TV - Liberace's Lover

Full review to follow. On a day that rendered the event's title entirely un-theoretical, Fucked Up curated another night full of music and art to a jam-packed Great Hall. And word is that the Long Winter is not over — a March instalment has been announced with details to follow.

Sharing their Pantheon with a mixed crowd in a packed house, it was pleasing to see the joy of KoTV's anthems registering with some folks that had never come across 'em before. In true punkrock fasion, the set ended with a massive stage invasion dance party to the classic "Breakdance Hunx" — and it began with Julie Faught adding her vocals to this newer one.

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