Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Recording: Sun Araw

Artist: Sun Araw

Songs: Canopy* + Born Under Punches [Talking Heads cover]

Recorded at The Shop under Parts & Labour, September 24, 2012.

Sun Araw - Canopy

Sun Araw - Born Under Punches

Full review to follow. With all the talk of the weirdification of semipopular music, the night that was widely-assumed to see the movement's triumph on the big Polaris stage ended up with the award going to a far more mainstream (though hardly uninteresting) contender. In any case, I was content instead to be out in the trenches, as were some notables in the local weird/pop continuum, for what felt like a noteworthy cultural exchange, greeting Cameron Stallones and his comrades to town for the first time.

I almost didn't head out to this Monday night show, but was rather glad that I did — all of Sun Araw's repetitive grooves were pretty excellent, and the closing Talking Heads cover, complete with insistent lap steel chickenscratch funk guitar, was one of the best things I'd heard all year.

N.B.: Do note I made one slight edit to get rid of one loud burst of cellphone interference — there's a couple lesser blasts of it that I left in at the song's very end.

* Thanks to a commenter for passing along the title to this one.