Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Recording: Mount Eerie

Artist: Mount Eerie

Songs: The Place I Live + Grave Robbers (feat. Julie Doiron)

Recorded at The Great Hall, September 10, 2012.

Mount Eerie - The Place I Live

Mount Eerie feat. Julie Doiron - Grave Robbers

Full review to follow. With a four-piece band in tow, Phil Elverum presented some of the new material from his new Clear Moon and Ocean Roar albums. There was a large crowd of devoted fans out for this, listening very raptly in unusual (though welcome) silence. That would be less required in some of the loudest parts, which were in turn reasonably bombastic and spacey — but there were also some quiet interludes, including a mid-set two-song turn from Julie Doiron for a couple songs from 2008's Lost Wisdom.

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