Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Recording: Cate Le Bon

Artist: Cate Le Bon

Songs: Cyrk + Puts Me To Work

Recorded at Rivoli, September 18, 2012.

Cate Le Bon - Cyrk

Cate Le Bon - Puts Me To Work

Full review to follow. In some other world, with her pure, clear voice, Cate Le Bon could have been a fine and proper folk singer, with gentle fingerpicked songs about vales and maidens' misfortunes. Instead, she has crafted a sound that relies on a certain folkie pastoralism, but has wedded it to a Velvet-y rock chug, albeit one with a vibe that we might say relies on magic mushrooms instead of amphetamines. Blowing into town on a cool autumnal breeze, there was an enthusiastic crowd out for this — and decent-sized, too, considering that there were something like four other noteworthy gigs also going down. But still, I think I made a good Tuesday-night choice.

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