Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Recording: Bang On a Can All-Stars

Artist: Bang On a Can All-Stars

Song: Music For Airports 2/2 (composer: Brian Eno)

Recorded at The Music Gallery ("Ambient2: The Music of Brian Eno"), September 2, 2012.

Bang On a Can All-Stars - Music For Airports 2/2

Full review to follow. Extending for the first time past the all-day New Music Marathon, Contact's INTERsection festival included this double-header Music Gallery show featuring live performances of two of Eno's ambient albums. Bang on a Can, of course, pioneered this a while back with their original presentation of the Music for Airports album, but this was the first time they performed their arrangements to a live screening of Frank Scheffer's films. Consisting of hazy, out-of-focus images of airplanes and people arriving and departing, the visual component was suggestive without being overly demanding, which is about right for this sort of music.

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