Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Recording: Wet Tuna

Artist: Wet Tuna

Song: I'd Rather Be Hayin'

Recorded at The Baby G, May 6, 2018.

Wet Tuna - I'd Rather Be Hayin'

Tourin' with a new joint album on offer, I wasn't very familiar with Pat Gubler (of P.G. Six) but with Matt Valentine on hand, I must confess my expectations for this set were somewhere in the range of "Jerry Garcia Band demos". The set's first track, unwinding the album's "New York Street" suite, was precisely in that zone, but the pair (armed with guitars, bass and a vintage drum machine) had some other tricks up their sleeves as well. This track (allowed to unfurl further from its album version) lead with a genteel drift that brings "Coney Island Baby" to mind, though things would get a chance to get unwound — and later on, the pair would crank up the flanger and get into some Moon Duo-adjacent territory. All told, some rather pleasant excursions for a Sunday night.

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