Saturday, July 14, 2018

Recording: Haynes/Ng/Whitty/Heraclitus Akimbo

Artist: Justin Haynes/Karen Ng/Lowell Whitty/Heraclitus Akimbo

Songs: Bluehawk + Green Chimneys [composer: Thelonious Monk]

Recorded at The Emmet Ray (Monk's Music), May 13, 2018.

Justin Haynes/Karen Ng/Lowell Whitty/Heraclitus Akimbo - Bluehawk

Justin Haynes/Karen Ng/Lowell Whitty/Heraclitus Akimbo - Green Chimneys

When Justin Haynes was given responsibility for an instalment of the Sunday afternoon Monk's Music series at The Emmet Ray, he assembled a crack team of musicians — well, a crack team and one ringer. Thus Haynes (on guitar) was joined by Karen Ng (clarinet) and Lowell Whitty (drums) as well the non-jazz-certified knob-twistings of Heraclitus Akimbo (seen squinting intently at the lead sheets, perhaps trying to put the "fake" in "fakebook"). It is possible that his presence didn't unduly spoil the fun of two sets of Monk's tunes, which seem to be flexible enough to withstand drone intros, dub keyb stabs, etc. Of course, with musicians like the others on hand, it would be tough for things to go entirely sideways.

[Justin Haynes will be melding together an even larger group of disparate musicians when the Maximum Effort Ensemble plays Terry Riley's "In C" at La Rev on Friday, June 27th. The impressive group is slated to include Josh Cole, Michael Davidson, Alisdair Jones, Tania Gill, Thom Gill, Julia Hambleton, Owen Heathcoate-Fraser, Dafydd Hughes, Jeff LaRochelle, Kayla Milmine, Phil Melanson, Indira Nanavati, Diane Roblin, Luan Phung, Jeff Burke, Heraclitus Akimbo, Blake Howard, Mary-Margaret O'Hara, Heather Saumer, Doug Tielli, Patrick O'Reilly, Tom Walsh, Nick Zubeck, Arie Verheul-van de Ven, Chris Gartner and others.]

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