Sunday, July 15, 2018

Recording: Josh Cole Quartet

Artist: Josh Cole Quartet

Songs: [two pieces]

Recorded at The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), May 16, 2018.

Josh Cole Quartet - [first set, second piece]

Josh Cole Quartet - [second set, first piece]

Scheduled as a quintet date, the numbers here ended up being reduced by last-minute illness, but there were still plenty ideas flowing from Josh Cole (double bass), Karen Ng (clarinet and sax), Ryan Driver (piano) and Brandon Valdivia (percussion). With a freshly-recorded album in the can, the players were well in sync in a series of explorations. The first selection here revs up to speed with a push from Valdivia and Driver's clumpy clusters, while the second, coming after one of those cozy let's-hang-out between-set breaks, reconvened to a quieter room and after tossing and turning a bit settled into a sort of late-night sleepwalk through empty city streets.

[In place of the quintet, Josh Cole will be presenting some different ensembles in the next couple months, including this Wednesday (July 18th) at The Tranzac, backing Isla Craig in a trio alongside Colin Fisher (who will also be playing a duo set with Spencer Cole).]

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