Friday, May 4, 2018

Recording: Temporary Ensembles

Artist: Temporary Ensembles, composed of Emily Denison, Ben Grossman, Eric Hofbauer, Daniel Kruger, Matt Miller, Jason Robinson, Joe Sorbara, Kristen Theriault, and Paul Newman.

Songs: [excerpts form various improvisations]

Recorded at Array Space (Somewhere There's Second Sunday Series), March 11, 2018.

Daniel Kruger/Ben Grossman/Kristen Theriault/Matt Miller - [excerpt from temporary ensemble #1]

Paul Newman & Joe Sorbara - [temporary ensemble #2]

Emily Denison/Jason Robinson/Eric Hofbauer - [temporary ensemble #3]

Daniel Kruger & Eric Hofbauer - [excerpt from temporary ensemble #4]

Kristen Theriault/Paul Newman/Jason Robinson - [temporary ensemble #5]

Ben Grossman/Joe Sorbara/Matt Miller - [temporary ensemble #7]

Jason Robinson & Ben Grossman - [temporary ensemble #8]

Kristen Theriault - [temporary ensemble #13]

Emily Denison & Joe Sorbara - [fragment from temporary ensemble #14]

"Temporary Ensembles are born, live short and potentially magical musical lives, and then sublimate into thin air." Once again, Joe Sorbara's dice determined the size and composition of a series of recombinant brief encounters, giving each of these musicians several chances to interact with different musical conceptions and textures.

[This month's Second Sunday (May 13th) offers two sets of improvised music, one from Bea Labikova, Kayla Milmine, Diane Roblin and cheryl o, followed by a (possibly quiet) pairing of Brian Abbott and Tomasz Krakowiak]

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