Thursday, May 17, 2018

Recording: Keith/Rehlinger/Renaud

Artist: Michael Keith/Jakob Rehlinger/Craig Renaud

Songs: [two excerpts]

Recorded at Array Space (Track Could Bend #37), April 3, 2018.

Michael Keith/Jakob Rehlinger/Craig Renaud - [excerpt 1]

Michael Keith/Jakob Rehlinger/Craig Renaud - [excerpt 2]

Continuing a series tradition, Track Could Bend marked its third anniversary by inviting back all of the previous year's performers for a celebration. That's enough of a crowd to warrant a larger stage, so for one rainy night, the action shifted over to Array Space. There ended up being sixteen players, all of whom put their names in a hat to be drawn to create spontaneous ensembles for a series of quick sets. To close the night, the hat provided this trio, each member of which has been known to create some rigourous drones in their own ways. No surprise, then, that they fell right together into a deep drift zone; but the twist here came from Michael Keith, whose deadpan comedic sensibility provided a slightly-surreal narrative throughline.

[TCB will be having a special extra-early show at The Baby G on Tuesday, June 5th, with sets from Barry Prophet, Nicole Rampersaud and Lisbon's Sal Grosso.]

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