Friday, May 25, 2018

Recording: Eve Egoyan

Artist: Eve Egoyan

Song: De Puro Amor [excerpt] [composer: Maria de Alvear]

Recorded at St. George the Martyr Church (The Music Gallery Presents), April 14, 2018.

Eve Egoyan - De Puro Amor [excerpt]

Celebrating a new double disc recording of Maria de Alvear's large-scale works for solo piano, Eve Egoyan brought the Music Gallery back to its old home at St. George the Martyr for one last farewell. The music created a suitable environment for considered reflection, as it stretched out and seeped into the highest corners beyond the rafters. Not so much a path you follow as a pool you float in, these two pieces are composed with certain choices left open to the performer, making it as much of a journey of discovery for them as for the audience.

[Eve Egoyan will be bringing a multi-media programme of "works for augmented piano and images" to the Luminato Festival on June 19th and 20th.]

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