Thursday, July 6, 2017

Recording: Invisible Out

Artist: Invisible Out

Song: [excerpt]

Recorded at Burdock Music Hall (TONE Festival – Show #2/Music Gallery Departures Series), June 15, 2017.

Invisible Out - [excerpt]

Although the local "jazz" festival is anticipated in some quarters, it seemed that too often there was no home there for adventurous and experimental creators. Thus, out of necessity, the TONE Festival was born to give these touring musicians a chance to connect with local audiences and artists. A collaboration between Burn Down the Capital's Tad Michalak, Ron Gaskin (a.k.a. Rough Idea) and Karen Ng and Daniel Pencer, the goal was to create shows that were rewarding for players and listeners alike. Multitasking Tad Michalak managed to use his position as curator for the Music Gallery's offsite Departures series to bring some big names under the TONE banner, but he also included some slight-of-hand counter-programming in deploying an entirely different sort of improvising project to start the night off. I've seen Xuan Ye and Jason Doell doing plenty of things in their own projects, but this collaborative set pushed some of their individual quirks and tricks into a different zone. Call it "ring pop pop", with all sorts of apps, found sounds and found objects being deconstructed and rewired into their sound-field.

[My recording of the whole set can be found over on IO's bandcamp. Xuan Ye will be celebrating her new double album You've Just Become Part of Me with an evening of performances at the Tranzac on Sunday, July 16th, with guests Heraclitus Akimbo & Jason Doell, Brigitte Bardon't and Zoë Alexis-Abrams & Johnny Spence joining in.]

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