Thursday, July 6, 2017

Recording: DKV Trio

Artist: DKV Trio

Songs: "Toronto 2" + "Toronto 6"*

Recorded at Burdock Music Hall (TONE Festival – Show #2/Music Gallery Departures Series), June 15, 2017.

DKV Trio - Toronto 2

DKV Trio - Toronto 6

Although the local "jazz" festival is anticipated in some quarters, it seemed that too often there was no home there for adventurous and experimental creators. Thus, out of necessity, the TONE Festival was born to give these touring musicians a chance to connect with local audiences and artists. A collaboration between Burn Down the Capital's Tad Michalak, Ron Gaskin (a.k.a. Rough Idea) and Karen Ng and Daniel Pencer, the goal was to create shows that were rewarding for players and listeners alike. Multitasking Tad Michalak managed to use his position as curator for the Music Gallery's offsite Departures series to bring some big names under the TONE banner, closing out the night (and the Music Gallery's season) with some shredding from one of saxophonist Ken Vandermark's more "free" projects. This trio, with Vandermark joined by Hamid Drake (drums) and Kent Kessler (bass), has been playing together for more than two decades, so it was no surprise that they could hit the stage and launch into some intense blowing. There was lots of drive here (often propelled by Drake's beautifully musical percussion work) but the momentum was maintained even when things shifted down for more introspective moments and solo spotlights.

* I'm not sure if these are composed pieces or improvisations from the group — they do plenty of both — so I have adapted a naming convention they have used themselves. Please leave a comment if you can tie titles to these!

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